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Producer Standard

Deer stalkers for the purpose of the British Quality Wild Venison standard are classified as producers.

The standard sets out the requirements for producers, to support the auditing of the production of high-quality deer carcasses, ensuring that statutory regulations, best practice and traceability are all in place.

The British Quality Wild Venison standard relates to all aspects of the deer culling, storage and transportation of wild deer carcasses, ensuring that high standards apply throughout the wild venison supply chain.

The standard includes:

  • Deer management and control
  • Stalking proficiency
  • Deer chiller/larder management
  • Carcass inspection
  • Transportation of deer carcasses
  • Processing
  • Hygiene standards
  • Traceability

Undertaking audits to British Quality Wild Venison Standard will help support the transparency of the venison supply chain, providing for the first time an audited route to market that customers can have confidence in. The British Wild Venison Working Group will continue to work with producers and processors to support the development of a growing, more consistent market place for British Wild Venison supplied under the British Quality Wild Venison brand.

Certification and audit fees are payable to cover the costs of auditing, maintenance of the standard and the issuing of the British Quality Wild Venison Producer certification.